Crowsnest Pass, AB


Planning Services

Plateia Planning has been acting as the planner and development officer for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass since July 2019. 


Our staff review and provide recommendations on planning applications, prepare and present MPC, Heritage Board and Council reports, write land use bylaw amendments, and implement application process improvements. As a specialized municipality that amalgamates five communities under its own Regulation, Crowsnest Pass is a unique place to practice planning. Unusual historic subdivision patterns make encroachments commonplace and the form of development encompasses urban, suburban, agricultural, recreation, and heavy industrial. Significant technical considerations affect development including geotechnical relating to the Frank Slide and Turtle Mountain areas, steep slopes, rail lines, and flood zones. 

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  • Proactive, early, and ongoing communication 

  • Inter-relationship between process efficiencies & LUB regulations 

  • High customer service and local integration 

Coleman [image above], one of the five communities in the Specialized Municipality of Crowsnest Pass