Regional District of Nanaimo, BC


Bylaw 500 Update

The Regional District of Nanaimo’s Zoning Bylaw was written over 40 years ago and is close to their 500th amendment.  They hired Plateia Planning with Intelligent Futures to update and modernize the bylaw including research and amending the bylaw for 22 key focus areas. 


These focus areas include consolidating zones; updating definitions; clarifying and aligning development standards such as setbacks and building height calculations, specifically from water bodies and flood areas; integrating best practices for parking, landscaping, and secondary suites; and adding regulations for food trucks and backyard chickens. 

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The Plateia Team is responsible for all aspects of the project with the Intelligent Futures team supporting engagement and facilitation. 


  • To consider the cascading effect of minor adjustments while modernizing the bylaw and integrating user-friendly best practices.