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Sylvan Lake, AB


Intermunicipal Development plan

Plateia Planning, with McElhanney, prepared a report for the Town of Sylvan Lake on best practices, opportunities and challenges associated with implementing a Community Amenity Contribution for the Town’s new Waterfront Redevelopment Area.


This report reviewed the tools available in Alberta and the local economic context for a municipal-led program for additional community contributions that could benefit affordable housing, enhanced park space, public art, or similar community amenities.

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Through a strategic process of facilitation with a Steering  Committee made up of Councillors and a Technical Committee made up of staff members, the team was able to define a common set of policies centred on environmental stewardship, development setbacks, and recreational land access.


  • Integrated international and academic research on incentive-based zoning options

  • Researched best practices in Alberta on Community Amenity Contributions

  • Specific focus on Edmonton's program

The report succinctly reviewed academic level research on incentive-based options for affordable housing and amenity contributions within Sylvan Lake's context.