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Zoning Bylaws

Zoning bylaws are large, complex documents that set the stage for how development and change occurs. The historical legacy of these documents has created layers of regulation that typically requires technical expertise for even small changes. 


We get the heart of how to manage change and create a zoning bylaw that is strategically aligned with your community vision. Where change is desired, the zoning bylaw can facilitate how that change can best occur for your community. Where change is not desirable, the zoning bylaw can reinforce the status quo.


By using the appropriate tool and approach, we systematically develop the right regulations to reflect your vision on the ground.

We understand the full scope of what it takes to build, review, and implement a zoning bylaw. Our bylaws are designed to work for the long term.

Zoning is like the recipe of a cake. Quality ingredients and clear instructions make a great-tasting cake every time.